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The Easypot – Gongfu Cha for the Urban Warrior

Inspired by a review of the Easypot by one of our customers, I decided to make a short video to demonstrate the use of these ‘office-style’ gong fu teapots. They are very handy, have an aesthetic, modern design, and functions similar to an Yixing pot. They allow for many infusions with the same leaves, are super easy to clean and since the lid is constructed so the brewing compartment can sit inside it, they don’t make a mess of your desk, either.

We’ve re-stocked these great little pots, since the last batch sold out pretty quickly.

Easypot (150ml capacity), $30.00 (If you would like to buy one, please visit our ordering page.)

If you received this post in your email and can’t see the video, please visit the webpage of this post.
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  1. Comment by Pohanginapete | 2010/12/20 at 11:38:39

    These are wonderful. I’ve just been trying mine out with a lovely Darjeeling and it certainly lives up to the claims — easy to use and clean and it looks and feels well made.

    Be aware it makes a 150 ml cup, so if your preference is for pint mugs of tarry floor sweepings [;^)] you might want to stick with your existing system.

  2. Jo
    Comment by Jo | 2010/12/21 at 06:26:32

    Hi Pete,
    I’m glad you like your easypot. Thanks for the warning about size, I sometimes forget that the ‘normal’ cup size in New Zealand is about twice that of a Chinese tea pot.
    But brewing tea in an easypot or Yixing clay pot allows you to get much more mileage out of your tea leaves than a large pot. You just keep infusing and infusing and infusing….

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