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GABA tea enables people to relax

 [ IMAGE: Healthy GABA oolong from Taiwan  ] Yesterday, I’ve received an email from a customer which I would like to share with you since it provides some real-world feedback on some of the medical properties of tea.

My article on the calming properties of GABA tea piqued Michelle’s interest and she ordered some of our organic GABA oolong about a month ago. Yesterday, I’ve received an email from her and she wrote the following:

Can I please order 200 grams [GABA oolong] this time. The tea has been wonderful!
I found the tea very, very good for my anxiety, sometimes even experiencing ‘great elation’ which is unusual for me!
I would definitely recommend it to anyone who inquires after something to help with anxiety. To get the desired effect I drink 2-4 cups a day.

It is always great to hear if tea can help people to feel better. If you have a story to share, feel free to email it to us.

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