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First ever Ya-Ya sale: 15% off all Chinese Black Teas until 15 February

Year of the horse

To celebrate the start of the Year of the Horse, I’ve decided to have the first sale ever at Ya-Ya. We don’t usually put teas on sale due to the way we operate and price our teas and teaware. We keep the markup extremely small to make even the most outstanding teas affordable to everyone. And with such small margins, our normal prices can’t easily be discounted.

But I’m in a festive mood today and have decided to give all of you an incentive to try some of the phenomenal Chinese black teas that you might otherwise not consider. Ever wondered why everyone is raving about the incredible smoothness of a good Keemun Mao Feng? Or whether the elusive Jin Jun Mei is really justified to be so expensive? Why not use this offer to see (or taste) for yourself?
The offer of 15% discount on all Chinese Black Teas is valid during the Spring Festival holidays and ends on 15 February.

You can browse our selection of Chinese Black Teas here.

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