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  1. Comment by Martin | 2009/03/09 at 20:33:01

    I have discovered Ya-Ya just recently, when browsing the web to find some traditional teaware (which is really hard to find in NZ). At Ya-Ya I have not only found what I was after, but have also encountered a very personal and heartful approach, which is not so common in “bussiness”. By the way, this website also looks a nice place to visit. :) Thank you and I wish you a lot of energy to what you do, Jo!

  2. Comment by Rory | 2009/05/06 at 14:59:24

    I think Martin (above) said it best by saying Jo offers a: “very personal and heartful approach”.

    Jo has enthusiastically answered all my annoying little questions and been very helpful in finding me the right tea for the right occasion. He is a tea master!

    He also has the best selection of tea and tea wares available in New Zealand. AND at MUCH better prices than anywhere else in New Zealand. Keep it up Jo, it’s a pleasure to do business with you.

  3. Comment by Alex | 2009/12/07 at 07:44:59

    Recently discovered Ya-Ya when looking for an engagement gift for a relative.

    I enquired about a teapot on friday night, recieved an reply within hours, purchased it online and they sent it saturday.

    Haven’t seen service like that for a while.

    I look forward to future business.

  4. Ali
    Comment by Ali | 2010/05/02 at 18:07:21

    Hi Jo, have I ever mentioned how amazing your tea is. I’m sitting here brain dead and then think what the heck, I’m gonna make myself a tea. Bam $@#%$%#@ Wam. Hello, brain in gear. This stuff is like something out of super hero comic book. Thanks Jo

  5. Comment by Sarith | 2010/12/22 at 16:23:27

    This is my second order from ya ya teahouse and again I would like to say they stock some of the best ranges of traditional teaware in New Zealand. I have yet to encounter a store that has the same quality of teaware as Ya-Ya.

    Jo is always fantastic and helpful, and goes out of the way all time – from recommending different products, to just providing helpful feedback.

    Always a pleasure and no doubt i will come back again in the future!!!

    Many thanks again.

  6. Comment by Slava | 2011/02/03 at 11:31:19

    Liked the service, liked Jo’s support and recommendations and most importantly – I liked the teas and Easypot!! Free samples were just great! 2005 Changtai Yi Chang Hao Tuocha is a really good pu-erh! Earthy but very nice and smooth taste and it just goes cup after cup:) 2010 Spring AnXi Tie Guan Yin is another awesome tea. Has a floral and a bit fruity like taste and it gives me a relaxing effect, I like drinking it at night before bed. Another tea I wanted to say a little bit about is Wild Arbor pu-erh (sadly it was just a sample), mainly because of the unexpected effect and the head rush that it gave me:) It made me feel so energetic and talkative(at that time I was alone at home and I couldn’t stand the silence and loneliness so I had to call my friends for a chat lol. I also felt a substantial increase in concentration, so I’m thinking of getting more when my uni starts;)
    Jo was very helpful, friendly and quick to all my questions!
    The parcel arrived in no time.
    I’m very pleased and coming back for more!
    Ya-Ya and Jo rocks!!!

  7. Comment by S.H. | 2011/06/29 at 07:51:26

    Jo your tea is amazing because I feel that the old pu erh tea gives me energy every day in the morning. It keeps my body and my soul healthy and that’s wonderful. As you can imagine I love the ceremony and the taste. I never had such a wonderful pu erh tea experience. Thank you for that! I also introduced it to some friends and they liked the tea too. So I hope you have
    plenty of tea in your storage.

  8. Comment by Dion | 2011/07/18 at 20:24:57

    Your teas are such a wonderful delight, first thing I have everyday and last pleasure before going to bed at night. Thanks for your service.

  9. Comment by Di Stallinger | 2011/10/03 at 12:24:56

    My first order has just arrived! Wow! Amazingly fast, efficient, friendly service. Beautifully packed too. I am absolutely delighted. Many thanks indeed.
    Blooming flower tea is a special treat and I am so pleased to have located the best source for it in New Zealand. YUM….
    I will be back for more…………

  10. Comment by David | 2013/08/04 at 08:28:56

    I am a dyed-in-the-wool Pu Erh drinker and the selection at Ya-Ya is great and i am working my way through them. However, Jo sent me a sample of an aged Oolong that was so tasty. It cleared my head and led to hours of good writing.
    New tastes to explore! Thanks, Jo.

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